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LogoFÖRDERBAND e.V. Kulturinitiative Berlin

FÖRDERBAND e.V. (registered association) was founded as a cultural organisation in 1989 by a number of artists and other culturally active people from Berlin. Since then, and still nowadays, our aim is to develop, advise, and promote projects of various artistic and sociocultural types such as fine, visual, and performing arts.

Consequently pursuing the idea of linking-up, Förderband now is an established and integral part of the decentralised cultural landscape in Berlin and its surroundings. Förderband runs and links projects in the field of, for example, cultural youth work or every-day culture.

Since 1993, practice-oriented professional training has been one of our main activities. In co-operation with numerous (socio-)cultural instititutions as well as the Federal Employment Office and various job centres, we are integrating people in artistic, cultural, and community-oriented projects in Berlin and Brandenburg.

Since 2008, our association manages a special programme, which implements jobs for cultural institutions and projects all over Berlin. This programme was commissioned by the Berlin Senate (Cultural Department) and aims at promoting unemployed people as well as supporting cultural projects.

Some examples of projects:

Ten years of exhibiting art in the (former) water reservoirs of Prenzlauer Berg,

An audio-guide of Berlin for the blind and visually handicapped,

A rehearsal place for the independent theatre scene in Berlin: Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte,