Fourth project meeting in Kraków, Poland

On the 6th and 7th of March we met in Kraków to discuss further steps of our research project. This meeting was a bit different: the whole first day was dedicated to in-loco reasearch in the museums and the second to work on the project results.

The first day we visited the Wawel Castle Muzeum, The Bishop Erazm Ciołek Palace, The Szołayski House and The Historical Museum of City of Krakow doing the research activities and talking to the museum representatives. As we found out, although there are some initiatives to increase the foreign languages fluency in contact with the visitors, there is still a strong demand for a solution in language training.

The second day we had a chance to focus on our deliverables. On our page Professional profile of the MVST you can find the third important document – The interpretation of survey results, which is our base for the next step.

Most of the meeting we’ve worked on the proposal for a language training programme for MVST, which is still in the draft version, and will be available in June 2014.

We also moved forward with the idea of a blended solution, analysing and discussing an on-line language training EUROCATERING. Although the content of the course is prepared for a very different target group, the approach and the form is very inspiring and worth to take a look at.

…and some spare time at the end we spent discussing the future of the project. As our research gave us very important knowledge about MVST, it’s time to make use of it, and bring a blended solution to life. Stay tuned… :)