ECHOCAST is a project created by ECHONET (a network of European cultural heritage organizations). ECHOCAST aim is to to develop, implement and secure high standards of quality within visitor services.

“Through visitor orientation, ECHOCAST takes into account the growing competition in the leisure sector. It encourages the innovative and flexible capabilities of the cultural heritage organizations and other cultural facilities such as, museums, open-air museums, natural parks, gardens, galleries etc. In order to ensure standards, certified trainers work with visitor service employees, on the individual skills needed for their daily work life and specific situations.”

“ECHOCAST- (European Cultural Heritage Organizations Customer Awareness Staff Training) is the first European standard for trained and motivated visitor services, offering for the first time, a specific standardised certification of training, for employees in direct contact with visitors. The standardised programme defines quality criteria for the visitor service and safety regulations. Employees are taught these standards by certified trainers. After the successful completion of a test, participants receive a certificate. Regular further training assures consistent high quality.”

ECHOCAST is focused on social skills among the museum staff. Besides an European standard of qualification for museum staff, the ECHOCAST partners developed a training program with eight different learning modules, none of which, however, refer to language training. So maybe it’s a place for “Work of Art” to complement the programme.