Fifth project meeting in Glasgow, UK

On 29th and 30th of May we had a pleasure to meet for the last time during this project. Our great host – University of Glasgow provided us with an excellent experience of Scottish hospitality. Those two day were quite busy, it was time to summarize what we have done during those almost 2 years and what still need to be polished before the project closes.

Besides the review activities, we got familiar with the detailed programm of the language course presented by Mena, and the effects of testing the prototypes presented by Beata. All this triggered a vivid discussion on the possible solutions for our target group. We definitely move towards a blended learning solution, where a set of face-to-face language lesson is supplemented with a combination of bespoke e-learning assets.

Whats also important is the whole work we need to do on the report and the European Shared Treasure database in order to disseminate and archive all what we‘ve managed to achive.

Of course as during the previous meetings we had an opportunity to visit some museums to do in loco studies. Those were the Hunterian Museum, Charles Rennie Mackintosh House and the Riverside Museum, where we talked to the managers in order to become more familiar with the language needs, situation and environment of each of the museums.