Third project meeting in Isparta, Turkey

From 14th to 15th of November 2013 the project team met in the heart of Turkey to work on the language training solution for Museum Visitors Service Team.

On the first day we’ve had a chance to look closer on the data about the Professional profile of the MVST. We’ve already collected all the surveys from the museums and gathered the data in one spreadsheet to have summerized overview of the situation. You can take a look on the document here Professional profile of the MVST.

As one of our silent partners Gulbenkian Museum has finished the work on the Common Corpus of Vocabulary we had time to analyze it, and discuss the content. The final document will be translated into all project languages and disseminatd on our website.

It was also the time to start dicussing the form of our future course, regarding the needs, obstacles and experience of the National Museum in Kraków. Our recommendations direct towards a blended solution which will be flexible, affordable and adjusted to our target group.

In the afternoon we visited the Archeological Museum in Isparta. Once again we had a chance to talk to one of it’s representatives. A young archeologist provided us with a very valuable insight into the Isparta Museum environment.

On the second day we gather some ideas derived from different points of view. We’ve presented and discussed a variety of blended solutions in language teaching. We’ve started with Bill idea of using simple but engaging games during the classes and we’ve tried one immiediatly. Afterwards we’ve listend to Lidia’s report  on a study visit about flipped classroom approach. And at the end we took a look with Beata at different solutions for simulated conversations on-line (including projects like Connect with Haji Kamal, Mi vida loca and Lifesaver)

We’ve finished the meeting with plenty of new ideas. Soon we will prepare a document with the course programm, recommendations on the use of on-line solutions and some interactive examples, which will be available and assessed before the meeting in Glasgow.