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was established in the year 1879 and is the oldest national museum in Poland.

 “The mission of the Museum is to bear testimony to national and human values by promoting world and Polish art, especially the achievements of the Krakow artistic community, as well as through museum activities associated with its collections and works of scientific, historical and artistic merit, which were produced out of beliefs of those who shared a sense of belonging to or respect for Polish culture, regardless of their place of residence, nationality or religion”.

The National Museum in Krakow in its 800 000 objects has an excellent collection of Polish painting and sculpture of the 15th and 16th centuries, a magnificent collection of works of the Young Poland movement, a rich collection of prints, decorative art pieces, textiles and arms and armour. Its numismatic objects and art of the Far East are unrivalled in Poland and beyond.

The priceless heritage with which the Museum has been entrusted is not only stored, studied and preserved in ten in-house conservator’s workshops, but also promoted at permanent galleries and special exhibitions in Poland and abroad, through extensive publishing activity and numerous meetings and lectures.

In the year 2012 the exhibitions and events organized by the Museum were attended by over 640 000 visitors.