Unusual project promotion

The National Museum in Kraków initiated an unusual and very interesting way of promoting our project. Two foreign footballplayers, playing in Wisła Kraków (polish football club), Marko Jovanović and Emmanuel Sarki visited one of the Muzeum branches (Sukiennice) to check the level of english competences among MVST (Museum Visitor Services Team) and take part in the unusual foto-session.

Marko Jovanović and Emmanuel Sarki assessing the language competences of MVST in National Muzeum in Kraków

Pictures will be used to promote the “Work of Art” project.

The article is only in Polish, you can find it here:


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Published in:

The regional newspaper Dziennik Polski  - 2/3 of the newspaper page


The Internet magazine for Polish museums:


On the website of the National Institute of Museology and Collections Protection:


The website “The EU face of Krakow”: